Remembering Paul Costict: B-Rock and The Bizz Rapper, Aged 57


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Norfolk, Virginia: The world of hip-hop is in mourning as we bid a sudden farewell to rapper Paul Costict, a name synonymous with the ’90s rap sensation, B-Rock and The Bizz. At just 57 years old, Costict passed away unexpectedly at his residence in Norfolk, Virginia. This unexpected loss has left a void in the music industry that will be difficult to fill.


A Sudden Departure

Paul Costict’s untimely demise occurred on a Saturday, leaving friends, family, and fans in shock and disbelief. The news of his passing surfaced when a close associate revealed that they had spoken to him on the preceding Wednesday. At that time, he had mentioned feeling unwell but remained in good spirits, making his sudden passing even more perplexing.

A Musical Legacy

B-Rock and The Bizz is a name etched in the annals of hip-hop history. The collective achieved significant acclaim in 1997 with their chart-topping hit, “My Baby Daddy,” which went on to earn a gold certification. This iconic track resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming an unforgettable part of ’90s music culture.


The impact of “My Baby Daddy” was so profound that it even reached the likes of global superstar Rihanna. During her pregnancy in 2022, she was spotted donning a t-shirt adorned with the phrase, “dat’s just my baby daddy,” a testament to the enduring influence of B-Rock and The Bizz.

A Pioneering Group

B-Rock and The Bizz’s legacy extends beyond their musical achievements. They hold the distinction of being the first group to emerge from Mobile, Alabama. Their formation dates back to 1986, a time when they embarked on a journey that would shape the landscape of rap music. The group comprised members such as Baron “B-Rock” Agee, his brother Leevirt Agee, Thaddeus “T-Bird” Maye, and the late Paul Costict.

Paul Costict’s contribution to the group and the world of hip-hop will forever be remembered. As we mourn the loss of a talented rapper and a significant figure in music history, we reflect on the indelible mark he leaves behind.

The legacy of Paul Costict and B-Rock and The Bizz continues to live on in the hearts of fans who cherished their music during the ’90s and beyond.


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