Reno Omokri Warns Married Men: “Any Wife Who Cuts You Off from Your Parents Is After Your Life”


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Reno Omokri has shared a strong opinion on social media, stating that any wife who separates her husband from his parents is harmful to him.


In a recent post on his X account, Omokri expressed his belief that men should always seek their parents’ advice in all aspects of life.

He emphasized that consulting parents should happen at every stage, from proposing marriage to business decisions.

According to Omokri, parents are the people who genuinely want their children to succeed the most. He argued that their support is unparalleled, even more than that of a spouse, siblings, or friends.


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Omokri stressed that the bond between a man and his parents is crucial and should not be severed by his wife.

He suggested that a wife who tries to cut her husband off from his parents might have ulterior motives.

Omokri pointed out that such wives are unlikely to distance themselves from their own families, highlighting a double standard.

This statement has sparked discussions online, with many weighing in on the role of parental involvement in marriage.


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