Richest Men In Kenya

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Kenya has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation.

Agriculture is the main engine of economic growth in Kenya. About 75 percent of Kenyans earn all or part of their income from the sector. Agriculture accounts for 33 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Here is a list of some richest men in Kenya;

1. Manu Chandaria

Manu Chandaria

Manu Chandaria is the richest man in Kenya. He is a businessman and a senior member of the Comcraft Group of Companies. Manu Chandaria has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion.


2. Bhumiji Depar Shah

Bhumiji Depar Shah is a businessman, industrialist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of BIDCO Group of Companies. Bhumiji Depar Shah has an estimated net worth of $900 million.

3. Naushad Merali

Naushad Merali

Naushad Merali is the founder of the Kenyan mobile service provider, Kencell. He brought commercial development in Kenya for more than 30 years and he is still expanding his business across East Africa. Naushad Merali has an estimated net worth of  $600 million.

4. Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta is a politician, businessman and the current president of Kenya. He is the member and party leader of the Jubilee Party of Kenya. Uhuru Kenyatta has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

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