Rio Ferdinand Kids: Meet Tate Ferdinand, Cree Ferdinand, Lorenz Ferdinand, And Tia Ferdinand


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Kate Ferdinard and her husband, Rio Ferdinard are the parents of Cree. He is the first child of the couple but Rio has three other children before they got married.


Kate recently shared a rare video of her child dancing. This comes after Kate revealed the reason behind her recent absence from social media, explaining she has been recovering from COVID.

Image Credit: The Mirror

Rio Ferdinand Kids

Tate Ferdinand

Tate Ferdinand is the middle child of Rio Ferdinand. He was born to him and his late wife. He is also 12 years old.


Cree Ferdinand

Cree is the son of Rio and Kate. He was born on December 18, 2020. He recently celebrated his one year birthday.

Lorenz Ferdinand

Lorenz Ferdinand is Rio’s eldest child. He is 14 years old. He has maintained his privacy as his parents do not want him to be in the public domain because he’s still underage.

Tia Ferdinand

Tia Ferdinand is the only daughter of Rio and his late wife. She is currently 9 years old. Much is unknown about her.


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