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Rodolfo Bebán Net Worth At Death

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Well-known Argentine actor Rodolfo Bebán has died. He was born on 25 May 1938 and died on 14 August 2022 at the age 84. He died three months after celebrating his 84th birthday.

Beban appeared in more than forty films between 1962 and 2022, amassing a considerable net worth. At the time of death, Beban had an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Though he starred in over forty films, he is best known for; El gato (1976), Cuatro hombres para Eva (1966) and Marco, el candidato (1994).

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He was married to Gabriela Gili and Claudia Lapacó and had fice children from both marriages;


  1. Facundo Bebán,
  2. Rodrigo Bebán,
  3. Dolores Bebán,
  4. Pedro Emiliano Bebán and
  5. Maria Daniela Bebán.

Rodolfo took his first steps in the theater in the 50s.

However, his popularity came with the telenovela “Love has a woman’s face” (issued between 1964 and 1970).

After excelling in the production mentioned above, he was invited to the small screen with titles like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Four Men for Eva”, “The Price of Power”, “Marco, the Candidate” and “High Comedy”.

Beban was the son of the well-known actor Miguel Bebán.

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