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Roffredo Gaetani Car Accident

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Roffredo Gaetani was born on 4th March 1953.  He was a former handsome boxer who was known for dating Ivana Trump. Roffredo Gaetani died in a vehicle accident. He liked Ferrari enthusiasts, fast cars, and slick NYC apartments.

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On 23 December 2005, while in Italy to visit his family for the holidays, Roffredo Gaetani was killed in a car accident in Tuscany. The untimely demise of a friend and a legend was a harsh reality for all who knew him.


His estate sold the apartment to brothers Arash and Daniel Gohari, known for founding the Xerxes Group, a real estate investment company.

Before his death, Gaetani moved the dealership to a new building in Glen Cove. He asked Jack to join him as the General Manager. With this new chapter in Ferrari’s history on Long Island, came a new level of customer focus. It had style and a familial air that let everyone know they were welcome at Ferrari of Long Island.

Gaetani hired the best to join the team. He employed Luigi Scala – and an unsurpassed technician from another Ferrari service center. From there, he built an unrivaled service department, all managed by Anthony Simone.



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