Roger Federer Shares Passionate Message After Fans Return To The Stadium

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“worth it” — Roger Federer says as he shares a very emotional message with the fans.

Tennis went behind closed doors for close to two years. This became necessary when the coronavirus pandemic restricted human contacts. Not Tennis alone, football, and other sporting activities were suspended for a while before allowing it behind closed doors.

Though the fans are returning to the stadium, to some nations they have a percentage to the stadium capacity who are allowed in.


Twitter/Roger Federer

Roger Federer has admitted that playing tennis without the crowd was not motivating. During the eighteen months of “rehabbing” tennis was behind closed. However, with the fans returning to the venue, Roger Federer revealed how passionate it is to play before the crowd.

“After 18 months of rehabbing and performing behind closed doors, playing on Centre Court to a passionate crowd makes it all worth it. Thank you.”

With the spread of the virus being under control, fans may return in full few months to come.

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