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Roy Cropper Wife: Is Roy Cropper Married In Real Life?

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Believe it or not, every TV viewer or moviegoer knows that the story and characters they watch on their screens are fictional, even if they are based on real-life people.

But come on! Aren’t some of these characters so adorable that we wished we could have a talk with them over a cup of tea in the real world?

There sure are!

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Hayley Cropper is a fictional character from Coronation Street, the British ITV soap opera. The character made their debut in the first episode broadcast on 26 January 1998. Hayley was the first transgender character in a British soap opera and was the first permanent transgender character in TV drama.


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Her husband, Roy Copper is also a fictional character on the TV show. Originally a secondary character, he was promoted to playing a prominent role in 1997.

His marriage to Hayley is notably one of the numerous roles pivotal to the storylines on the show, especially considering Hayley’s sexuality.

Is Roy Cropper Married In Real Life?

Who? Roy Cropper?

The character Roy Cropper is played by 72-year old English actor Daniel Neilson who has been invested in the role since 1995.

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Before you think Roy and Daniel are inseparable, Daniel, in real-life, is married to Jane Neilson who is not involved with Coronation Street. Hayley is also played by English actress Julie Hesmondhalgh.

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