Russian Lathe Accident

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The Russian Lathe Accident has gotten people worried considering how the horrific incident transpired. Lathe Accidents occur when there is a pulling of the hand into a spinning blade which can lead to death and major injuries.

Lathe machines are dangerous industrial equipment that is mostly used in toolrooms, machine shops, and workshops. According to research, Lathe accidents are related to malfunctions due to defective machinery, the failure to install proper safeguarding, poor employee training, poor lighting, and ineffective usage of PPE.


The current Rusian Lathe accident has gotten tongues wagging in tears. A video circulating on the internet shows how an employee shredded into pieces of meat at the workplace after he got into contact with the Lathe Machine.

It’s not clear how the whole thing happened. However, what was captured was the moment he walked towards the machine, the moment the spinning took place, and how his body was torn into pieces.

Kindly watch the video below at viewers’ discretion:

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