Ruth Criticizes Davido Again Following Release of His Pre-Wedding Photos


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Popular influencer Ruth is facing intense criticism after making another controversial comment about singer Davido.


The backlash began when Davido shared his pre-wedding photos with his fiancée, Chioma Rowland, on social media. This announcement followed the viral news of Chioma’s engagement ring, which is reportedly worth the equivalent of three Rolls Royce cars.

Ruth initially reacted on her X page by commenting on the extravagant cost of the ring, saying that buying such an expensive ring while having a history of infidelity is shocking.

She wrote that cheating on your wife and then buying such a pricey ring is wild.


Ruth, Davido and Chioma
Photo via Gistreel

Recently, Ruth posted a pre-wedding photo of Davido and Chioma with a caption expressing her hope that Davido will not cheat again. Her exact words were, “I hope Davido doesn’t cheat again.”

These remarks have sparked significant outrage among fans of Davido and other online users. Many have criticized Ruth for what they see as unnecessary and judgmental comments about the couple’s relationship.

The backlash highlights the sensitive nature of public commentary on personal matters, especially involving well-known personalities like Davido and Chioma.


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