Sabinus Sparks Mixed Reactions with Launch of Digital Currency


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Famous content creator Sabinus has launched his first digital currency, named Sabicoin. This makes him the second notable figure to introduce a digital currency in the past month.


Recently, Afrobeat singer Davido Adeleke launched his own token, $Davido, which led to a public outcry as some fans experienced financial losses.

Sabinus shared the news about Sabicoin on the X platform. He explained that his new digital currency was inspired by his investor instincts and the widespread popularity of his memes on social media.

“Sabicoin is a digital currency inspired by the Investor himself, Sabinus, and the popular use of his memes on several social media platforms,” he stated in his post.


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Despite Sabinus’s influence and the excitement around Sabicoin, some fans have voiced their concerns. They are worried due to the financial setbacks many faced with the $Davido coin.

Sabinus, also known as Mr. Funny, gained widespread recognition through his humorous skits and videos on various social media platforms.

His comedy often revolves around everyday situations and relatable characters, making him a favorite among fans.


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