Saga Confirms Marriage to Liquorose


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Reality TV star Saga has confirmed his marriage to fellow BBNaija star Liquorose, sparking joy among their fans.


The announcement came during an interview with media personality Timi Agbaje. Saga was first asked about his past relationship with Niyi, to which he responded with a laugh, indicating it was not significant.

The conversation then shifted to Liquorose, where Saga expressed how wonderful their relationship has been.

He mentioned that despite the usual ups and downs of marriage, they have always found a way to keep things balanced and happy.


Saga and Liquorose
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When Timi Agbaje directly asked if he was married to Liquorose, Saga proudly affirmed it, showing his ring and saying that he is married to her both on-screen and in real life.

This confirmation delighted fans, who have been following their journey since their time on Big Brother Naija.

Saga’s joyful revelation about his marriage to Liquorose has since been the talk of the town, with fans celebrating the news across social media platforms.

The couple’s ability to navigate their relationship challenges and maintain a happy marriage has inspired many of their followers.


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