Shatta Wale Laments Decline in Ghanaian Music Industry: “Naija Music Going Up, Ghana Music Falling Down”


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In a candid reflection on the current state of the music industry, Ghanaian dancehall sensation, Shatta Wale, expressed his concerns about the declining status of Ghanaian music in comparison to the thriving Nigerian music scene.


The self-proclaimed ‘King of African dancehall’ took to his social media platform to share his thoughts on the contrasting trajectories of the two music industries. Shatta Wale acknowledged the undeniable progress of Nigerian music, emphasizing its upward trajectory with repeated lines: “Naija music going up, Going up, Going up.”


Shatta Wale

Conversely, the Ghanaian artist painted a somber picture of his country’s music landscape, using the refrain: “Ghana music falling down, Falling down, Falling down.” Shatta Wale’s words reflected a sense of lament for the challenges faced by Ghanaian musicians in keeping pace with their Nigerian counterparts.

The post hinted at a perceived disparity in growth and competitiveness between the Nigerian and Ghanaian music industries. Shatta Wale’s candid observation sparked conversations among fans and industry observers, prompting discussions about the factors contributing to the contrasting fortunes of the two nations’ music scenes.

As the music landscape continues to evolve across Africa, Shatta Wale’s comments shed light on the need for introspection within the Ghanaian music industry and potential avenues for revitalization and growth.


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