Shawn Turner (Amber Marshall’s Husband): Shawn Turner Wikipedia, Age, Movies, Photography, Job, Bio

Amber Marshall is a popular Canadian celebrity. She is an actress, singer and equestrian.


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Amber Marshall was born on June 2, 1988, in London, Ontario, Canada. She played the role of Amy Fleming in the CBC series Heartland.

Amber Marshall used to be a former veterinary assistant. According to her, her two most favourite things are acting and horses.

Marshall is a married woman. Her husband is Shawn Turner, a photographer.

The pair got married in July 2013.


Shawn Turner Wikipedia

The editors of Wikipedia have not yet discovered Shawn Turner. He, therefore, has no Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

However, his wife, famous actress Amber Marshall has a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

Shawn Turner Age

Shawn Turner age is not known. However, there are reports that he may be between the ages of 33 to 39 years old

Shawn Turner Movies

Shawn Turner has not acted in any movie.

Shawn Turner Photography

Shawn Turner is a professional photographer.

Shawn Turner Job

Shawn Turner takes photographs for a living.

Shawn Turner Bio

Not much is known about Shawn Turner as he is a very private person. However, it is known that he dated Amber Marshall for three years after they met at a horse show in 2010.