Shekinah Anderson Children: Does Shekinah Anderson Have Kids?


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Atlanta, Georgia – In a recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” a spirited conversation unfolded about the rights of women without children to comment on other women’s parenting choices, even the controversial ones. The exchange took place during a wine tasting and catch-up session featuring Shekinah Jo, Sierra Gates, and dancehall performer Spice.


During the gathering, Shekinah shared her experience of hosting a relationships panel that included Kirk and Rasheeda Frost. Unfortunately, the event took an unexpected turn when their co-star, Atlanta rapper Akbar V, publicly disclosed that she and Shekinah had been involved with the same man in the past, a man with whom Akbar now shares a child. The confrontation escalated, leading to Akbar’s removal by security.

In the aftermath, Shekinah expressed her frustration, suggesting that Akbar should prioritize caring for the child she shares with Shekinah’s ex instead of attending events and creating drama. This comment ignited a discussion about the appropriateness of Shekinah, who does not have children, commenting on Akbar’s parenting.

Akbar, who has five children with most living with their fathers and two under the care of her aunt while she pursues her rap career, faced criticism for her choices. Spice, who herself is a mother of two and temporarily left her children in Jamaica to work toward a better life, confronted Shekinah about discussing Akbar’s children.

Spice emphasized that being a single mother in the entertainment industry is challenging and stated that Shekinah, without children of her own, should refrain from commenting on Akbar’s parenting.


The comments regarding Shekinah’s right to speak about other people’s children due to her childless status upset her. She briefly left the gathering but later returned to clarify her position.

Shekinah revealed that while she doesn’t have biological children, she has a godchild whom she loves dearly. She explained that her choice not to have children of her own was deliberate, driven by the belief that she should only bring children into the world if she could provide them with proper care.

In her confessional, Shekinah reflected on her past, mentioning that she had two abortions early in her life because she didn’t feel ready for the responsibilities of motherhood. She expressed no regret for her choices and used the opportunity to highlight the impact of Georgia’s strict “heartbeat” abortion ban on women’s rights.

Shekinah acknowledged her misstep in making comments about Akbar’s children and apologized for any confusion or offense caused by her words.

The episode sparked a debate on social media, with viewers sharing their opinions on whether Shekinah’s childless status should prevent her from commenting on parenting matters. The conversation continues, highlighting the complex intersection of personal experiences and the freedom to voice opinions on matters of parenting.

In the world of reality TV, where personal lives are often on full display, this discussion offers a glimpse into the multifaceted lives of the show’s cast members.

The recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has ignited a debate about whether a woman without children should have a say in parenting matters, shedding light on the complexities of personal experiences and opinions within the world of reality television.


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