Shekinah Anderson Husband: Is Shekinah Anderson Married?


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Atlanta, Georgia – Shekinah Anderson, the American reality TV star and hairstylist renowned for her appearances in hit shows like “Tamar & Vince,” “Tiny & Toya,” and “Family Hustle,” has captured the hearts of audiences with her vibrant personality and professional skills. While her professional life is well-documented, many are curious about her personal life, especially regarding her marital status.


Born on May 31, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia, to parents James and Sonya Anderson, Shekinah’s journey into the world of hairstyling began at a young age. By the age of 12, she had already embarked on her path to mastering her craft. Her dedication and talent eventually led her to establish herself as a certified hairstylist, holding a certificate from Platinum Hair Salon.

Apart from her hairstyling expertise, Shekinah is a multifaceted talent with her own T-shirt line, showcasing her creative entrepreneurial spirit. However, her personal life has seen its share of challenges, particularly in her relationships.

Shekinah’s dating history has been marked by incidents of domestic abuse and violence. In 2017, she courageously shared her experience of physical abuse at the hands of her former boyfriend on Instagram Live, shedding light on a critical issue. Sadly, this was not an isolated incident, as she had faced similar situations in previous relationships. Eventually, she made the brave decision to move forward and break free from these harmful situations.

As of now, Shekinah Anderson’s current relationship status remains a mystery. There have been no reports or rumors regarding her possible significant other. Consequently, it is unclear whether she is currently dating or if she has taken the plunge into marriage.


In her personal life, Shekinah remains deeply connected to her family. She grew up with a sister, and her mother later remarried, providing her with a loving stepfather. Her social media presence often reflects the strong bonds she shares with her family, particularly her mother.

Regarding her physical appearance, Shekinah maintains an average height, but her journey with her weight has taken a different path. She has undergone multiple liposuction procedures to transfer fat from one part of her body to another, reflecting her commitment to self-improvement.

In the realm of finances, Shekinah Anderson boasts a net worth of $200 thousand, primarily accrued through her career as a professional hairstylist and her prominence as a TV personality. Her journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by her notable roles in television shows like “Family Hustle,” “Tamar & Vince,” and “Tiny & Toya.” She has also made appearances in magazines such as XXL, Hype Hair, Essence, and Vibe, further solidifying her status as a prominent figure.

Most recently, Shekinah has been selected as one of the new additions to the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” in 2019, marking another milestone in her reality TV career.

While Shekinah Anderson’s professional achievements continue to shine, her personal life remains a topic of curiosity for many. As fans and followers eagerly await updates on her romantic status, Shekinah continues to inspire with her resilience and determination to thrive in the face of challenges.


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