Shekinah Anderson Parents: Who Are Shekinah Anderson Parents?


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Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Shekinah Anderson, known for her appearances on the reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” has garnered a significant following for her vibrant personality and her role as a voice of reason among the cast members. While her presence on the show is well-documented, many are curious about the people who played a vital role in shaping her life – her parents.


Born as Shekinah Joida Anderson on May 31, 1984, in the lively city of Atlanta, Georgia, Shekinah has made a name for herself not only for her appearances on reality television but also as a skilled hair stylist and entrepreneur.

Let’s take a moment to meet the parents who have undoubtedly been a source of support and guidance in Shekinah Anderson’s life:

James Anderson (Father): James Anderson is the proud father of Shekinah. While details about his life and profession may not be as prominently featured in the public eye as his daughter’s, his role as a parent has been pivotal in Shekinah’s journey.


Sonya Smith Anderson (Mother): Sonya Smith Anderson, Shekinah’s mother, is another significant figure in her life. Mothers often play a central role in shaping their children’s character and values, and it’s likely that Shekinah’s mother has had a substantial influence on her.

Shekinah Anderson’s journey in the entertainment industry and her rise to fame on reality television shows have been marked by her unique personality and ability to mediate conflicts among cast members. Her appearances on shows like “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” have solidified her status as a beloved figure in the reality TV world.

As Shekinah continues to make waves in her career and entertain audiences with her vibrant presence, it’s clear that the support and upbringing provided by her parents have played a vital role in shaping the woman she is today.

While Shekinah Anderson’s professional endeavors often take the spotlight, it’s essential to acknowledge the family that stands behind her, offering love and support as she navigates the world of entertainment.


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