Shona McGarty’s Whirlwind Romance Fuels Engagement Speculation


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In a surprising turn of events, EastEnders star Shona McGarty has set the rumor mill spinning, hinting at a possible engagement to her new beau after just a few months of dating.


The news of Shona’s blossoming romance with Irish musician David Bracken made headlines earlier this month, and now, an intriguing piece of jewelry has ignited speculation of an impending engagement.

The 31-year-old actress, renowned for her role as Whitney Dean on the BBC soap, was recently seen donning a ring on her left hand. The sighting came in the midst of joyous celebrations, as Shona attended her sister’s wedding.

While taking on the role of bridesmaid, Shona elegantly sported a vibrant purple dress that perfectly complemented her radiant smile and, of course, the newfound accessory that adorned her left ring finger.

After the festivities, Shona and David seemed to revel in the happiness of the occasion, sharing laughter and affectionate moments. The following morning, Shona once again made sure to give a glimpse of the intriguing ring as she headed home with David.

In a delightful display of affection, Shona had previously shared the first picture of her and David together on Instagram. Alongside the heartwarming snapshot, she conveyed her feelings with the words: “My whole world @davidirishband.”


Their love story continued to captivate her followers as she posted another image of them together, captioned with a heartfelt declaration: “And then my soul saw you, and went.. ‘Oh there you are!’ ‘I’ve been looking for you.’ Totally obsessed… in a really healthy way..”

The Instagram post drew an outpouring of joy and well-wishes from both her fans and famous friends. Lorraine Stanley, a fellow EastEnders actress, expressed her delight with a series of love hearts, while Jacqueline Jossa couldn’t help but comment, “Love this for you.”

David, too, offered a glimpse into the depth of his commitment to Shona as he shared a picture of their hands clasped together, stating, “A promise is a promise. Never to be broken. #happy #happyplace.”

David is recognized as one half of the Irish guitar duo Blessed, which frequently graces audiences with its performances across Ireland. Their talents have garnered a substantial following of over 18,000 on Instagram.

Last October, Shona found herself parting ways with Max Bowden, known for his portrayal of Ben Mitchell in EastEnders, after a six-month relationship. The separation coincided with Max becoming a father for the first time with his ex-girlfriend.

As the intriguing ring continues to captivate attention, fans eagerly await any official announcement from Shona and David regarding their relationship milestone. In the meantime, Shona’s remarkable journey, both on and off the screen, continues to inspire and resonate with her admirers.


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