Sir Cruse Age, Biography, Net Worth, Gender, Girlfriend, Teeth


Sir Cruse is a famous American vlogger and hairstylist.

Sir Cruse was born William Cruse Jr on November 9, 1991,, in Illinois, in the United States of America to Valerie and William Sr. He has a brother called Terrance.

Sir Cruse graduated from DeVry University with a degree in computer engineering.

Sir Cruse began his YouTube channel in 2007, but started gaining popularity only in 2012 with videos such as ‘Sir Cruise Haircutting Guide’ and ‘Sir Cruse ‘Healthy Products 4 Healthy Hair”’.

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Sir Cruse Age

How old is Sir Cruse? Sir Cruse is 54 years old.

Sir Cruse Net Worth

Is Sir Cruse rich? How much does Sir Cruse worth? Sir Cruse has an estimated net worth of $100,000. He makes money primarily from Youtube.

Sir Cruse Gender

Sir Cruse is a male.

Sir Cruse Girlfriend

Sir Cruse is in a relationship with Jazzy Glimmer.

Sir Cruse Teeth

Is Sir Cruse a girl?

Sir Cruse is not a girl. He is a full-grown male.

Was Sir Cruse born a woman?

Sir Cruse was not born a woman. He was born a man and has lived as such ever since.

How old is Sir Cruse’s girlfriend?

Sir Cruse’s girlfriend Jazzy Glimmer is 29 years old.