Sir Uti Reveals Why He Will Rather Go For A Surrogate Than Have A “Witch Acting” Baby Mama

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Media personality, Uti Nwachukwu a.k.a, Sir Uti, has shared that, when it comes to having kids, he will rather go for a surrogate than have a baby mama.

The actor, who seems to believe one cannot trust their kids with a baby mama claimed that the reason he will choose a surrogate over a baby mama is that he doesn’t want anyone to come and “act like a witch” in the future and drag custody of the kids with him.

He shared this while responding to a follower who believed the reality TV star didn’t want to have kids or would rather have a baby mama, after a comment he passed about marriage.

Sir Uti had shared a post about Bill Gates and his wife’s divorce wondering what the point of marriage is if you will still get divorced even in your old age.

He, therefore, seemed to believed that, marriage is a scam adding that, even Jesus did not get married so he won’t even bother.


Uti Nwachukwu

A female fan who didn’t seem happy about his reaction responded to his post, believing that is the reason he is still not married, and asked if he didn’t want to have kids or it’s because he just wants a baby mama.

To which he responded by saying, he will rather choose surrogates over baby mamas.

Find the post and reaction below…


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