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Stacie Martin: Who is the 14-Year-Old ICON Park In Orlando?

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A 14-year-old kid died after falling from a drop tower amusement ride at the ICON Park entertainment complex in the Orlando area.

Some people on the online discussion boards believed this 14-year-old kid is Stacie Martin, and most of them expressed their sadness and sent their condolences messages via social media platforms. These same people are relieved now and also angry to find out that the earlier information about the death of Stacie is not true. She has been confirmed to be alive and well.

Who is the 14-Year-Old ICON Park In Orlando?

This incident at the ICON Park entertainment complex happened on Thursday night (March 24, 2022) and the kid involved was identified to be Tyre Sampson.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated in a statement that deputies got a 911 call and arrived at ICON Park just after 11 p.m., where witnesses indicated someone had fallen from the Free Fall ride.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, witnesses stated the youngster fell from the Orlando FreeFall rollercoaster, which is advertised by its owners as the world’s largest freestanding drop tower.


Image Credit: WPTV

It was declared further that the youngster who was identified to be Tyre Sampson was transferred to a hospital and died as a result of his injuries.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina made it known at a press conference that, the adolescent was visiting a friend’s family in Florida from his home in Missouri.

The fall has frightened a lot of people and the death of this kid has saddened and made a lot of people devastated.

Image Credit:
Orlando Sentinel

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