Stewart Butterfield Family, Age, Height, Linkedin, Quotes, Twitter

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Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian businessman who is best know for co-founding popular photo-sharing app, Flickr and the team messaging application Slack.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Stewart Butterfield family

Who are Stewart Butterfield‘s family? Stewart Butterfield has a daughter. He was once married to a woman named Caterina Fake. He was born Norma Butterfield and David Butterfield.

Stewart Butterfield age

How old is Stewart Butterfield? What is Stewart Butterfield‘s age? Stewart Butterfield is 49 years old.

Stewart Butterfield height

How tall is Stewart Butterfield? What is Stewart Butterfield’s height? Stewart Butterfield is 5 feet 10 inches tall.


Stewart Butterfield LinkedIn

Does Stewart Butterfield have a LinkedIn account? What is Stewart Butterfield‘s name of LinkedIn? Stewart Butterfield is on LinkedIn as Stewart Butterfield.

Stewart Butterfield quotes

What are some of the popular quotes by Stewart Butterfield? Stewart Butterfield is known for several quotes. Some of them include;

  • “The element of teamwork is perhaps underappreciated.”
  • “In Software design, it’s all about making a guess, trying it, and then learning from the experience.”
  • “I rarely in a working day go more than 10 minutes without looking at Slack.”

Stewart Butterfield Twitter

Is Stewart Butterfield on Twitter? What is Stewart Butterfield‘s Twitter handle? Stewart Butterfield is on Twitter as @stewart.


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