Rev. Father Oluoma of Wow catholic church, Abuja, while asking Nigerians to stop praying against demons or blaming them for their problems, says Nigerian Leaders are the Real Demons Responsible for our problems.

Speaking during a sermon, The preacher added that Nigerians should stop complaining about demons attacking them, because the real demons are the Government and it’s officials.

In a video Monitored by Odince News, He said: “How can they tell you that demons are the ones responsible for your problems and delaying your destiny and you are scared. We have been living with demons, John 10:10 says ‘the thieve comet but to steal, to kill and to destroy’.”

The Abuja based catholic priest added that anybody who steals is the thieve, somebody who kills is the thieve and somebody who destroys is the thieve.

“Who are those that has been stealing in this country? are they not in Government? when one person will steal N5 Billion and nothing will happen.”

“They have been stealing and from stealing what happens? have they not killed?, when somebody steals money meant for road construction and the road is not done, if somebody dies of accident has that person not killed?”

He added that stealing and killing goes together, when you kill have you not destroyed?.

“Hospitals that would have been built in the country, people stole the money, even Aso Rock clinic that budgets are done every year running into billions can’t treat our president but the budget was done, what happened to the money? who stole it? is not not human beings with flesh and blood? some of them even come to church.”

The priest stated that there are some men of God who made it look like our personal problems are caused by demons meanwhile it was as a result bad leaders.

“This is my problem with some men of God who make our problem look like a demonic problem so we must be doing deliverance, No, I cannot fear the devil anymore because we live with them, His cousins, His nieces, sisters, his brothers, his uncles they are in our Legislature, they are in Judiciary, they are in the presidency, they are in local Government, they are in the state Government, we live with them,”
Oluoma added that Demons have reproted Nigerians to God.

“Demons have even God to God to report Nigeria, that the things they have not done that Nigerian are saying they are the one.”

Fada Oluoma stated that some prophets will tell their followers that their destiny has been stolen by a demon, they should come for deliverance meanwhile our leaders are the real destiny thieves.

He added that when the men of God will meet the real destiny thieves (Politicians) they will not deliver them but they would rather take pictures with them and come to show us how connected they are, later they will come and tell the poor masses that a demon is holding their destiny, they should do 21 days dry fasting, But when they meet with the real demons they will not deliver them so that Nigeria will be good.

Finally He said: “Leave demons alone, it is not demons that came from hell to steal the money that was meant to purchase arms for our military that bandits can enter a village and slaughter people and they won’t be arrested”

“Have you ever heard that Bandits have been arrested and prosecuted in this country? Are they demons.?” he asked.



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