Susan Mary Richards: Who Is Roger Graef’s Wife?


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Susan Mary Richards was the wife of Roger Graef until his demise on March 2, 2022. Roger was an American-born British documentary filmmaker and theatre director.


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Born in New York City, he moved to Britain in 1962, where he began a career producing documentary films investigating previously closed institutions, including Government ministries and court buildings.


He was married twice. He married his first wife Karen Bergemann in 1971 and divorced in 1983. Graef went on to marry his current wife Susan Mary Richards in 1986, and they have been together until his death.

Graef and Susan have a daughter named Chole and a son named Max from their marriage. According to the sources, Susan has done Masters’s Degree in Medieval studies in Bristol. Max on the other hand has remained out of the limelight.


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