Tahidi High Actors


Tahidi High is a popular Kenyan television program that airs every Tuesday at 7:30 pm on Citizen TV. The show was first aired in 2006. 

The producer is Catherine Wamuyu Nguku and she is assisted in the scriptwriting by the prolific actor and writer, Naomi Kamau.

Tahidi High portrays school life with a focus on the challenges both students and teachers encounter on campus.

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Tahidi High Actors original cast

Tahidi High has featured a lot of faces in their cast. Some casts for their own reasons quit the television program which means they must be replaced. That said, there are some casts who originally started the show.

1 . Miss Obinja

This beautiful Tahidi High teacher does her character really well. She is that hot teacher who acts all tough but not all students take her seriously. Her real name is Veronicah Mwaura.

2. Mr. Kilunda

His real name is Ted Kitana and stars as one of the teachers in the show. Tahidi high actors’ real names do not match their characters. He has been in the show for a very long time, since its launch in 2006


3. Mr. Kandi

If you are a Tahidi High fan, you know him as Teacher Kandi. He acts as a geography teacher and he has a liking for country music. If you’ve been tuning in to Inooro TV, you also know him as Ken Wakuraya.

4. Freddy

Freddy´s real name s Abel Mutua he was part of the show from the onset. He played a role as a student in Tahidi High. Abel is now a comedian and an entertainer.

Tahidi High Actors who died

1. Kelvin Muita

Kelvin Muita was also known as Kelvin Rost died in August 2015 after a short illness. Citizen TV and the entire Tahidi High Cast is mourning the sudden demise of one of their former starlet actor.

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2. Derrick Amunga aka Master Sugu

Derrick Amunga died in August 2014 after he was hit and run over by a vehicle, his body was discovered later at the Nairobi Hospital.

3. Omosh

Kamau Kinuthia famed as Omosh of Tahidi High died on Saturday, November 30 2019 n a horrible accident while returning from a wedding ceremony.