Tech CEO Arrested: John Kevin Woodward Arrested Over Murder Of Woman In Bay Area 30 Years Ago

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CEO and President of tech company, ReadyTech, John Kevin Woodward has been arrested for murder after 30 years. He was arrested on Saturday, July 9, 2022, at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after arriving from Amsterdam.

Who did John Kevin Woodward kill?

In 1992, John Kevin Woodward killed Laurie Hout, the girlfriend of his roommate. Laurie was found dead in her car, strangled with a rope after leaving her job at Adobe Systems in Mountain View, California.

Laurie Houts | Credit: The Daily Beast

Woodward was arrested not long after Laurie’s death after he reportedly confessed his romantic feelings for his roommate and gave hints on wanting Laurie dead. However, there was not enough to prosecute him. After investigations, even though Woodward’s footprints were found in the car, it was concluded that he had been in the car earlier before Laurie’s death.


Laurie Hout death

How did Laurie Hout die? Laurie Hout was “found dead in her vehicle near a garbage dump about a mile from her work. The rope used to kill her was still around her neck and her footprints were visible on the interior of the car’s windshield, a sign of her struggle with the suspect,” reports said.

How many times were John Kevin Woodward tried before being arrested?

John Kevin Woodward was tried twice before he was finally arrested with enough evidence enough to pin him down. Both the first and second trials resulted in a hung jury with no concrete evidence.

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