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In the fast-paced world of professional football, player salaries often become a topic of great interest for fans and enthusiasts. Terrell Edmunds, the talented safety currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been the subject of much discussion regarding his earnings and contract details. In this article, we’ll delve into Terrell Edmunds’ salary and contract for the 2023 season.


Current Contract Details

For the 2023 NFL season, Terrell Edmunds will earn a base salary of $1,080,000. Additionally, he will receive a signing bonus of $250,000. These earnings contribute to a total cap hit of $1,881,764 for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he is currently playing for.

In the world of professional football, contracts often come with various bonus structures and incentives to motivate players and reward their performance. Terrell Edmunds’ contract includes a “Per Game Active Bonus” of $39,411, which totals $670,000 if he meets all performance expectations.

At the age of 26, Terrell Edmunds is set to become a free agent in 2024. This means that his current contract with the Eagles is for the 2023 season, and he will have the opportunity to explore new opportunities in the NFL in the following year.

Financial Impact and Rankings

In terms of the financial impact on the team’s salary cap, Terrell Edmunds’ 2023 salary represents 0.42% of the Eagles’ total cap space. His cash payout for the year is set at $1,054,118, constituting 0.52% of the team’s overall spending. This ratio is calculated at 1.08, reflecting the relationship between cash payout and salary cap charge.


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Terrell Edmunds’ contract is valued at $2,000,000, with an Average Per Year (APY) of $2,000,000. It’s important to note that $600,000 of this contract is fully guaranteed, providing financial security for the player.

In the realm of NFL safeties, Terrell Edmunds’ contract rankings are currently at 61 out of 194. These rankings take into account the player’s salary, bonuses, and guarantees.

Contract Notes

Terrell Edmunds’ contract with the Philadelphia Eagles is a one-year deal worth $2 million. The fact that $600,000 of this amount is guaranteed ensures that he has some financial stability regardless of his performance during the season.

It’s worth noting that contract negotiations and details can vary widely in the NFL, and players often negotiate new contracts or extensions based on their performance and market value. As Terrell Edmunds continues his NFL career with the Eagles, fans and analysts will be keeping a close eye on his performance and future contract negotiations.

In the world of professional football, salaries and contracts are dynamic and subject to change. Terrell Edmunds’ journey in the NFL, both on the field and in terms of contracts, will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of interest and discussion for football enthusiasts.


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