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TESCO Clubcard Vouchers: How do I get my Tesco vouchers? What months are Tesco vouchers issued?

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Clubcard vouchers are different from Clubcard prices. Every time a shopper spends £1 in-store or online, they will receive one point.

Points are then converted into Clubcard vouchers which can be redeemed against your shopping.

TESCO Clubcard Vouchers

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco. The Clubcard scheme operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and several other countries. As of 2017, it has over 17 million users in the United Kingdom alone.

Tesco Clubcard Voucher
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How do I get my Tesco vouchers?

Steps to get Tesco Vouchers are:


  1. Go to ‘My Clubcard Account’ or log in to the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.
  2. Select the button to turn your Clubcard points into vouchers*
  3. Select ‘Request vouchers’
  4. Your vouchers will appear in your Clubcard account within 24 hours**

What months are Tesco vouchers issued?

Tesco Clubcard vouchers are handed out in February, May, August, and November and are valid for two years.

You must have collected at least 150 Clubcard points before the cut-off date in order to receive vouchers – you can double-check the deadline online.

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