Tessa Virtue Husband: Meet Morgan Rielly.


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Tessa Jane McCormick Virtue, the renowned Canadian retired ice dancer, has gracefully glided into a new chapter of her life, one adorned with the warmth of love and the promise of a shared future.


This time, however, the spotlight is not on the ice but on her intimate and joyful journey with her husband, Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly.

The love story between Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly unfolded in a way that echoed the beauty of their connection. According to Rielly, they were introduced through a mutual friend, the spark of their connection setting the stage for a romance that would soon capture hearts beyond the realm of figure skating and ice hockey.

In a Hello! Canada exclusive published in February 2024, the couple revealed that they embarked on not just one but two wedding ceremonies in 2023. The festivities were a reflection of their love—quiet, intimate, and held close to their hearts before sharing the joyous news with the world.

The first ceremony took place at Toronto’s Noce restaurant, where Virtue adorned herself in a classic white dress, complemented by Rielly in a timeless black-and-white suit ensemble. The setting exuded simplicity and elegance, creating an atmosphere of love and celebration.



For their second ceremony, the couple embraced a more colorful route, exchanging vows in Tuscany’s Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco. The Italian celebration included a dinner that added a vibrant touch to their union, mirroring the spectrum of emotions that love encompasses.

Despite the private nature of their ceremonies, Virtue grappled with the decision to share the news with the public. In her own words, she expressed the dichotomy of wanting to cherish their special moments while also wanting to share the joy with the world.

“You know when something is just so meaningful to you that you simultaneously want to just hold on to it and protect it so fiercely, and also shout it from the rooftops?” Virtue shared.

The 34-year-old Virtue, a native of London, Ontario, acknowledged the profound responsibility that comes with taking a relationship to the next level. She emphasized the importance of being the best partners for each other, with a shared commitment to growth and supporting one another.

As Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly continue their journey as a married couple, their love story stands as a testament to the beauty of genuine connections and the joy found in celebrating love in all its hues.

Whether on the ice or in the quiet moments of shared vows, Virtue and Rielly inspire us to appreciate the depth and richness that love brings into our lives.



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