Tessa Virtue Parents: Meet Kate Virtue, Jim Virtue


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Tessa Jane McCormick Virtue CM OLY, a name synonymous with grace, artistry, and unparalleled prowess in ice dancing, was born and raised in the vibrant city of London, Ontario, Canada.


Behind the dazzling performances and numerous accolades lies the unwavering support and influence of her parents, Kate and Jim Virtue.

Born as the youngest of four children, Tessa’s journey into the world of figure skating began at the tender age of six.

The spark that ignited her passion for the sport happened during a school field trip set to take place at an ice arena. Little did anyone know that this seemingly ordinary trip would set the stage for a remarkable career on the ice.

Despite being presented with an opportunity to enter the National Ballet School at the age of nine, Tessa, along with her ice dance partner Scott Moir, chose the path of figure skating. Their partnership, which began at such a young age, would go on to make history, redefining the standards of excellence in ice dancing.


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In addition to her commitment to figure skating, Virtue’s childhood was marked by diverse training in gymnastics, track, and various other sports. This multidisciplinary approach not only contributed to her athletic versatility but also laid the foundation for the strength and agility showcased in her performances.

Tessa Virtue’s educational journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. She attended Holy Names High School in Windsor, Ontario, and pursued her studies at the University of Windsor, where she studied psychology.

In 2014, she was on the path to completing her degree at the University of Western Ontario. Later, in the fall of 2020, Virtue embarked on the Executive MBA program at Queen’s University, showcasing her dedication to excellence both on and off the ice.

The culmination of her academic pursuits came to fruition in 2023 when Tessa Virtue graduated with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. This achievement mirrored her relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of her life.




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