Texas Megachurch Pastor, Robert Morris Admits to ‘Inappropriate Sexual Behavior’ Amid Abuse Allegations


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Robert Morris, founder of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, has admitted to inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor.


Morris, who was once a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, confessed after Cindy Clemishire accused him of molesting her when she was just 12 years old.

The abuse, which lasted until she was 16, took place in a home where Morris was staying.

Morris told the Christian Post that the behavior occurred several times and was confessed in 1987.

He claimed to have repented and submitted to church elders and Clemishire’s father, who was the head of the church at that time.

Morris stated that he stepped down from ministry for two years to receive counseling.

Robert Morris
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Clemishire, now 54, expressed her anger at Morris referring to her as a “young lady,” insisting she was an innocent child at the time.


She recalled how the abuse, which happened in both Texas and Oklahoma, was disguised as “counseling.” Clemishire eventually told a friend, who encouraged her to inform her family.

Her father confronted Morris and demanded he leave the ministry, threatening police involvement if he did not comply.

In 2005, Clemishire attempted to file a lawsuit, but Morris’s attorney claimed she was flirtatious, blaming her for the abuse. She was offered $25,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Gateway Church elders confirmed Pastor Robert Morris is restored to ministry after admitting a moral failure over 35 years ago.

Despite being offered $25,000 to stay silent, one person declined. Morris has been open about his past and has since committed no further moral failures, maintaining accountability.


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