Texas sheriff arrested for hanging cartel members

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News of a Texas Sheriff hanging cartel members has been circulating on the internet. The news first appeared on the meme website iFunny which is not a credible source.

iFunny is a Russian humour website that features memes submitted by its users in the form of images, videos, and animated GIFs.

The website posted a picture of a man cuffed and being led away by the police. According to the website, the Sherriff had no choice but to resort to extreme measures after the cartel abducted and killed his son.


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There is no basis for the report that the sheriff had an encounter with members of a drug cartel and was subsequently detained by the authorities for his actions. It appears that the whole story is some kind of fabrication

Cartels indeed have a knack for abducting and killing people. However, this story never happened.  Violent encounters between law enforcement and drug cartels are not a new thing that is why these false rumours spread like wildfire.

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