The Afar is an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa, mainly in Eritrea, Djibouti and the Afar Region in Ethiopia, Africa. The Afar people are known as the toughest people in the world. For ages, they have lived in a place called the Magma chamber. This is a part of the earth that is very very hot and constantly witnesses volcanic eruptions.

The Afar people are believed to have existed since the 13th century. Very unique is their traditional hairstyles-the dayta hairstyle. The hairdo is styled and maintained by butter application. They use loads of cow fat and butter to style their hair. The curls are obtained with sticks ( something like a mini flex rod set) and the butter keeps it in shape for days and protected from the heat of the sun.

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And guess who sport the hairdo? The men!! While their women simply braid their hair all back, the men go all out to style and set the hair with their traditional rollers.

They are really beautiful, these men I mean.