The Richest Church In Ghana 2021

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The richest church in Ghana 2021 is the Lighthouse Chapel International with its headquarters in Accra.

The church is currently going through a transitional change in its name and organisation as it is now referred to as United Denominations Churches.

The United Denominations Churches includes the Lighthouse Chapel International, the First Love Church and many affiliated churches under the leadership of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.  


The Lighthouse Chapel International was started in 1987 by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and his wife, Lady Reverend Adelaide Mills. It has over 3,000 affiliated churches in Ghana and globally. It is one of the charismatic churches that has been able to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to very distant places in the country.

It rivals most of the pentecostal churches like the Pentecost Church of Ghana and the Apostolic Church in taking the gospel to the hinterlands.

The headquarters of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Qodesh which is situated in one of the most expensive places in Ghana boasts of facilities for a church which can match international standards.

The Qodesh has one of the largest auditoriums in Ghana. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills net worth is estimated at $5 million. The properties owned by the Light House Chapel International in the country makes it the richest church in Ghana.

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