Thomas Girardi Net Worth, Assets Frozen, Wedding, Age, Children, Family And Scandal Of Erika Jayne’s Husband


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Thomas Girardi is a former attorney who is the co-founder of Girardi & Keese, a Law firm in downtown Los Angeles. He has been married to American singer, Erika Jayne since 2000.


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Thomas Girardi net worth

How much is Thomas Girardi worth? Thomas Girardi is quite rich, with an estimated net worth of around $264 million.

Thomas Girardi Assets frozen

Why have Thomas Girardi’s assets been frozen? Thomas Girardi has gone through quite a rough time in regards to his assets and wealth. In December 2020, a judge in Chicago seized the millionaire’s assets after he, along with his wife withheld $20 million in client funds after the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash.

Thomas Girardi wedding

How was Thomas Girardi’s wedding like? Thomas Girardi and Erika Jayne had an ‘unconventional’ marriage while spending a lot of time apart. According to reports, they traveled separately as Thomas gave Erika a very lavish lifestyle. However, no wedding pictures of the two have been posted for public viewership.


Thomas Girardi age

How old is Thomas Girardi? Thomas Girardi is 82 years old; born on 3rd June 1939.

Thomas Girardi children

How many children does Thomas Girardi have? Thomas Girardi’s children are unknown to the general public, however, it is well known that Thomas and Erika do not have any children together. Some sources also claim that Thomas has a daughter called Jacqueline Lira. 

Thomas Girardi family

Who is Thomas Girardi’s family? Thomas Girardi is married to popular actress and singer, Erika Jayne. Some sources also claim that Thomas has a daughter called Jacqueline Lira. 

Thomas Girardi scandal

What scandal has Thomas Girardi been involved in? Thomas Girardi got disbarred amid embezzlement scandal in August 2021. His scandal surrounds claims of allegedly embezzling funds meant to help families of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash to sponsor Erika Jayne’s lavish life.


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