TikTok Bans GeorgeNotFound; Dream Reacts

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GeorgeNotFound is a hugely popular content creator in the Minecraft fan base. Boasting over 9 million YouTube subscribers, the influencer is known for running in circles with the likes of Dream, another huge presence in the game’s community with over 26 million subs.

George was first banned from TikTok in February 2021, prompting Twitter to erupt with a #FreeGeorge hashtag imploring the site to unban him. He was banned a second time in August, causing him to warn the platform that he’d quit TikTok for good if he was banned again.


Photo Credit: lovejoy wiki fandom

Dream took to Twitter to slam TikTok after GeorgeNotFound got banned for the third time. He also argued TikTok failed to help GeorgeNotFound when he tried contacting them.

While both creators put out content on various platforms, George’s success on TikTok has been met with some major roadblocks, as the platform has banned him a total of three times.

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