TikTok Queen, Hajia Bintu Lands New Endorsement Deal (Photos)

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Ghanaian TikTok and booty queen, Hajia Bintu, has been presented as the ambassador for Trending Diva Apparel to make it two endorsement deals in two days.

Hajia Bintu on February 28, 2021, was presented to the public by Decent Decor Luxuy Ghana, a real estate company as their ambassador. This makes it two endorsement deals in forty-eight hours.

Hajia Bintu

The new internet sensation is a student at the Koforidua Technical University offering Hospitality. With her gigantic backside and body stature, she has gained the attention of netizens and the majority of Ghanaian with her booty shaking video.

She came into the limelight during the period where the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused the lockdown. She is always seen shaking her booty and jamming on a danceable song that the beat would be perfect for ass shaking. She has a lot of people following her social media pages which makes it possible to derived traffic and/or customers for her hirers


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