Tom D’Frick Advises Sista Afia To Desist From Beefing Rapper, Yaa Pono (Photo)

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Ghanaian Hip Hop musician, Tom D’Frick, has brotherly advised Ghanaian female singer, Sista Afia to rescind her decision of engaging beef king, rapper Yaa Pono.

According to Tom D’ Frick, it would be healthy and burden on Sista Afia to engage Yaa Pono knowing how his lyrics in beef song punches to the souls of his opponents. He revealed that he loves the songstress and he is not ready to lose the love he has for her.


Tom D’Frick added that the game of beefing Yaa Pono is bigger than Sista Afia and it dangerous too. In a Facebook post, he wrote:

Sista afia, I love you soo much and am not ready to loose that love I have for you. But where you are going is dangerous. That fight is bigger than you. He will destroy your career. That guy is dangerous when it comes to punch ???? Abeg uuuuuuuuu Sista Afia

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