Tonto Dikeh Angry That Hospital Denied Patient Treatment over Cheque Payment

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Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has complained bitterly after a hospital situated in Nigeria strangely refused to treat a dying patient because part of the money requested to foot the said patient’s medical bills was paid in cheque.

Tonto Dikeh criticized the healthcare system in Nigeria, citing that she was tired of dealing with the wicked people in charge of Nigeria’s healthcare.

Obviously, this behaviour from those in charge was definitely needless because it is not wrong to foot one’s medical bills with cheque.

Tonto Dikeh/Instagram

The amount requested was N1,000,000. However, half of the said amount was offered in cheque, which the hospital refused.


Tonto Dikeh was unable to comprehend why a hospital will refuse to attend to a dying patient simply because part of the money they requested was paid in cheque.

In a post on Instagram, an angry Tonto Dikeh wrote that she was “sick and tired of dealing with these carlos healthcare mishaps”.

See Tonto Dikeh’s post below:


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