Top 10 Richest Kids In The Philippines


The Philippines has some of the wealthiest kids on the planet. Most of these rich kids have inherited the properties of their parents or belong to a royal family where riches abound.

We have put together a list of the new generation of Filipino rich kids. From familiar faces to old rich scions, here are the rich kids you should know.

KC del Rosario – $10 million

She is the daughter of Evangeline del Rosario, KC could be a Bolkiah, as her mother is married to Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. She could at worst be the half-sister of a real-life princess. Her real name is Karraminah Clarisse.

Scarlet Snow Belo – $3 million

The daughter of celebrity plastic surgeon and Belo Clinic owner and Doctor Hayden Kho, Scarlet Snow is a tiny princess in her own right.

Sandro Marcos – $2 million

Sandro Marcos, the son of Bongbong Marcos and Liza Araneta-Marcos, has been a mainstay on rich kid lists for years.

Jimuel Pacquiao – $2 million

Manny Pacquiao’s son Jimuel doesn’t hold back when it comes to flexing. From his first car, a P8.5 million Chevrolet Corvette, to be exact to his shoe collection, Pacquiao has shared it all and more.

Vieo Lopez – $1 million

Vieo Lopez is actually the son of the late Victor “Atomic” Lopez, whose large clan basically owns big TV network ABS-CBN and First Philippine Holdings Inc.

Dominique Cojuangco – $1 million

The daughter of actress Gretchen Barretto with business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco has been in many headlines, on magazine covers, and more, that she practically needs no introduction.

Jolo Estrada – $1 million

Jolo Estrada is the son of embattled Philippine Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who is facing raps for a million-dollar plunder suit.

Xian Gaza – $1 million

Xian Gaza
Xian Gaza I

Xian Gaza is the CEO of a Hong Kong company and manages his own company in the Philippines from the age of 19. He is also is a vlogger and social media influencer.

Nicole Coson – $900,000

Nicole Coson is an artist raised in Manila and currently based in London. She is the daughter of famed businesswoman Teresita Tan Sy-Coson.

Alily Laude – $500,000

Alily Laude
Alily Laude I

Alily Laude is the daughter of Philip and Small Laude.  Laude gets to experience all the perks of being the child of entrepreneurs, including expensive real estate, Chanel handbags, and more.