Top 10 Security Companies In Ghana


Security in our places of abode and work are very important to all of us. Luckily, Ghana has security companies whose work cut across electric fencing, vehicle tracking and CCTV installation and many more in order to protect life and property.

Here is a list of top 10 security companies who are in this business.

Key Doctors and Solutions

They are into making and repairing of locks. They also make customized lock engravings for their customers. They have Arvento Mobile Systems as one of their key partners whose recognised work is vehicle tracking services. They also do CCTV installations and repairs.

Climax Security Solutions

This company was started in 2012. They are top providers of CCTV cameras, intercom and electric fencing. They also offer training services for people who want to get into the security business.

Deulph Systems

This company sells and fixes security surveillance devices and many more gadgets.

Intruder Alarm System

This security company offers around the clock rapid response and monitoring services. They also top in the installation of electric fences.


Founder Ghana

This company has a staff strength of 18 people. They are top in CCTV installations and repair work.

Masstrack Technologies

This security company gives its customers top fleet management concepts.

Austin CCTV Surveillance Systems

Austin CCTV sells electric fences with a day-long back-up battery to keep the fence electrified even during power-offs. Their state of the art CCTV cameras have microphones to give security video clips also.

Electroworld – Vehicle tracking

This security company is well poised when it comes to tracking properties. Their remote tracking services are top-notch in order for them to keep an eagle eye on the things owned by their clients.

Eagle Vision Technology Spy Net

They install electric fences, CCTVs, panic alarms and rapid development cameras.

Westec Security Company Limited

Westec this is one of the traditional security companies in Ghana. It was established in 1982 and has continued to offer the best security solutions to its customers.