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Top 10 Travel Agencies In Ghana

Travelling from Ghana can be challenging due to the bad immigration record of some few Ghanaians who overstayed their visas. This makes it difficult for genuine travellers to put up a successful application to take up a vacation abroad, visit family and friends, or seek employment legally.


A list of travel companies in Ghana with a track record of assisting Ghanaians to tour various countries in the world has been compiled.

Top Travel And Tour Companies In Ghana
Top Travel And Tour Companies In Ghana

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Top 10 travel agents in Ghana

The top 10 travel and tour companies in Ghana are: is the best travel agency in Ghana. Just as the name sounds, the travel agency runs a travel blog that publishes travel tips, visa application guidelines, cheap travel packages, and destination news. Though it operates online, it has a physical office in Kokomlemle, Accra. has been in operations since 2015 and is recognized as the best travel agent and travel blog in Ghana. Due to the mad rush for services, clients are to book an appointment on their website before visiting their office.


KiddieTour is a travel and tour agency in Ghana specialized in Kids and teens travel. So far, KiddieTour is the only agency in Ghana that focuses on the travel needs of children. The agency provides summer holidays packages for children and students, camps, exchange programs and customized trips for schools. is one of the best travel agencies in Ghana. Though it is one of the latest additions to the tall list of travel and tour companies in Ghana, the agency has proved itself to be one of the best. Just as the name sounds, it operates online by giving guidance on visa applications to all countries in the world. Their reviews from clients have been positive and very encouraging as they are backed by personnel with years of experience in visa applications in Ghana.


Kenpong Travel & Tours

Kenpong Travel & Tours is next on the list. Owned by the famous millionaire Kenpong, the agency provides a wide range of integrated travel and tourism services making it one of the leading travel agents in Ghana and neighbouring countries. They are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with their years of experience. Their greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys of travel. Kenpong Travel & Tours is located at Abelemkpe, Accra.

De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd

At De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd strives for complete customer satisfaction. Founded in 2023, De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd is made of a group of professional travel agents who specialize in finding the best deals and rates for each and every client’s specific requirements. They rely on their industry experience, vendor knowledge, and longstanding industry relationships to ensure your travel experience surpasses your expectations.

Easy Travel Consult

Easy Travel Consult started operations in 2015. The agency is specialized in corporate travel management, study and work abroad. Easy Travel Consult built the foundation of the company by offering professional and efficient service to our clients. They understand the diverse need of their clients, and with this knowledge, they believe they have a competitive edge on the others. They can be found at Osu-RE, Accra.

Signature Luxury Travels & Tours

Signature Luxury Travel and Tours is the destination for the discerning traveler. The agency’s goal is to provide travellers with tailor-made travel and bespoke holidays to some of the world’s most charming and enthralling resorts and destinations.

Jubilee Travels and Tours

Jubilee Travel & Tours is one of the renowned travel agencies in Ghana. They are noted for their cordial working relationship and excellent service delivery to their clients.

Kumasi Travel Agency

Kumasi Travel Agency is one of Kumasi’s leading travel agencies. It was the first Travel Agency established in Kumasi, Ghana, and the first in Kumasi to obtain the IATA accreditation.

Satguru Travels

Satguru Travels and Tour is a global travel agency with headquarters in Dubai. They have been in operation in Ghana for over seven years and are among the best travel agencies in Ghana.