Top Facts You Didn’t Know About Burna Boy’s Mother, Bose Ogulu


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Burna Boy wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now without the influence of his mother, Bose Ogulu.


The Grammy Awards winner has his foundation in music deeply rooted in his mother’s support.

Here are some facts about her that you probably didn’t have any idea of

Bose Ogulu is the child of veteran broadcaster and music reviewer, Benson Idonijie. He is also popular for managing the work of ace Afro-Pop star, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.


She is the one who managed her son’s music career for a long time until there was this news in 2014, that she was no more the one who had his career managed. Her Instagram page shows she is the one who takes manages him now.

She is a multi-lingual woman. She has a qualification in foreign languages. The languages she can speak fluently include Italian, German, Yoruba English and French and English.

She has a Masters of Arts in Language Translation. Bose Ogulu was a lecturer in French for 10 good years at the University of Education in Port Harcourt.



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