Top Movies Comedian Afeez Oyetoro Has Featured In

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Afeez Oyetoro, popularly known as Saka, is an A-list comic actor in the Nollywood movie industry.

At the beginning of his career, he refused to take comic roles because he didn’t want to be typecast has now become somewhat of a Nollywood comic giant. Today we look at some top movies of Saka that made him an A-lister. Below is a list of the Top five movies featuring Saka.

  1. First on the list is “The Campus Queen”

A 2004 Nollywood musical directed by Tunde Kelani. “The campus Queen” is a movie that seeks to depict the lifestyle of students on the University Campus, highlighting the urge for power and sovereignty by student clubs.

  1. Second on the list is “Ojukokoro: Greed”

A comedy series that tells the story of and money-loving manager of a shady petrol station who decides to Rob his employers only to find out that he is not alone in his ambition.


  1. Next is, the wedding party.

This romantic comedy film directed by Kemi Adetiba became the highest-grossing Nigerian film after its release worldwide on the 16th of December 2016.

  1. The sequel of “The Wedding Party” was released in 2017 titled “The Wedding party 2. Destination Dubai”. This sequel broke the record of the first movie and became the highest-grossing Nigerian film when it was released. Also a romantic comedy and with a similar storyline as the first, it had everyone hooked which is no shocker as viewers kept seeing Saka.

5. Finally on the list we have, also in the year 2017, “Tatu”.

The Nigerian adventure film directed by Don Omope and written by Jude Idaha is an adaptation of the novel “Tatu” written by Abraham Nwankwo in 2014.

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