Top Tech Trends of 2022 and what They Mean for Africa

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Technology brings the future closer. The African region has shown a strong pace of globalisation in recent years. The most relevant worldwide tendencies are quickly becoming incredibly popular and demanded here.

Let us take a look at some new 2022 trends that will impact the African tech sphere with the Rosloto team.

The Development of VR and AR Technologies

People have been trying to make the gaming experience more exciting and immersive since the 50s of the 20th century. In the 80s and 90s, scientists were incredibly close to creating a new trend — the popularisation of VR and AR devices.

Unfortunately, the first gadgets turned out to be imperfect, and the technology did not gain wide recognition. However, today’s equipment is fundamentally different from the devices of that time.

VR instruments are used in many areas nowadays:

  • cinematography and television;
  • education;
  • healthcare;
  • design;
  • production;
  • navigation, and others.

The most popular sphere is online gambling. Special software and equipment allow players to immerse themselves in the world of games and experience unforgettable emotions.

Until recently, VR technologies were not widely spread on the continent due to their high cost. However, manufacturers are constantly improving their developments and making new products more affordable to a wide range of consumers. This means that the world of VR entertainment will gradually take over all of Africa.

The Popularisation of Cryptocurrencies

The emergence of Bitcoin has created a real sensation in the global economy. The demand for cryptocurrencies motivated lots of Africans to invest their funds in digital money. In addition to the opportunity to increase their income, people prefer tokens because of their convenience and security, as well as the high speed of financial transactions.

Crypto gambling software is a big hit in the African entertainment sphere. Residents of Nigeria, Kenya, the Republic of Ghana, and other countries use Bitcoin and other digital monetary units to pay for gaming services very actively. Experts predict that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years.

Improved Data Protection

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many industries transfer into the internet sphere. A lot of people started shopping online. At the same time, the high demand for virtual services provoked an increase in cybercrime. Therefore, developers began to work on more reliable methods for securing user data and financial resources.


The most relevant methods of protecting information on the Internet today are as follows:

  • data encryption;
  • application of digital signature;
  • multilevel user authentication, and others.

Particular attention should be paid to machine learning technologies. They allow entrepreneurs to minimise the human impact in data analysis.

This method will let you identify potential scammers at the stage of registration on a website. Algorithms also analyse suspicious user activity and automatically block unsafe accounts.

This trend is rapidly spreading around the world. Africa is no exception here. The number of online projects providing the widest range of services on the continent is growing rapidly. Therefore, ensuring a high level of security on the Internet is a top priority for African entrepreneurs.

The Spread of Mobile Technologies

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of a modern person’s life in Africa. These gadgets help people to be always in touch, work, study, and have fun in a convenient format.

Providers of various services and products are adapting their sites for use on mobile devices. For example, representatives of the entertainment field are developing convenient apps and browser-based versions of websites for smartphones to make the gaming experience more comfortable.

Mobile products have almost the same functionality as desktop online portals. Moreover, this format is extremely relevant for users from the African region.

Unfortunately, a limited number of people in small communities have access to computers and a good internet connection. Smartphones and 4G or 5G networks can solve this problem.

The Main Things about the Key Technology Trends of 2022

Africa is actively following global trends. The most relevant engineering tendencies quickly become popular in the region.

Today, public attention is attracted by developments in such areas:

  • VR and AR solutions;
  • cryptocurrency services;
  • protection of user data;
  • mobile technologies.

If you want to learn more about the latest trends, contact Rosloto managers. This studio has extensive experience in the implementation of various technological projects in the entertainment field. The company operates worldwide, including the African region.

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