Trey Edmunds girlfriend: Is Trey Edmunds in a relationship?


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Trey Edmunds does not have a girlfriend, but is happily married to his wife, Tianna.


Who Is Trey Edmunds?

Trey Edmunds is a free agent running back who formerly played for the New Orleans Saints.

Edmunds is a product of both Virginia Tech and Maryland, made his mark as an undrafted free agent when he signed with the New Orleans Saints in 2017.

His journey began with the Saints in 2017, and it was a testament to his determination to play at the highest level of American football.

Trey Edmunds
Photo Credit: Tribune Review

In 2018, Edmunds found himself in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although his stint with the Steelers was relatively short-lived, he showcased his versatility and commitment to the game.


During the 2018 season, he appeared in four games and made valuable contributions on special teams.

Edmund’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2022 when he was released from the Steelers.

As of 2021, Edmunds’ NFL statistics showed a record of 140 rushing yards, 4.5 rushing average, 1 rushing touchdown, 6 receptions, 48 receiving yards, and 1 interception.

Edmunds is not just a runner; he’s a player who can make receptions and even contribute defensively with interceptions.


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