Tyla Debunks Claims She Is White


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Grammy-winning South African singer Tyla has recently addressed and debunked claims circulating on social media that she is not black. The 22-year-old singer, known for her hit single ‘Water,’ responded to accusations from rival fans who asserted that she is “white/Indian” rather than black.


In a statement shared via her X page on Thursday night, Tyla clarified her mixed-race heritage. She emphasized her diverse ancestry, which includes black/Zulu, Irish, and Mauritian/Indian roots.

“Yoh guys, [I have] never denied my blackness, idk where that came from… I’m mixed with black/Zulu, Irish, Mauritian/Indian and Coloured,” Tyla wrote.


Tyla explained the complexities of racial classification in her native South Africa compared to other parts of the world. “In Southa I would be classified as a Coloured woman and other places I would be classified as a black woman. Race is classified differently in different parts of the world,” she noted.

She further elaborated on her identity, acknowledging that while she is considered “Coloured” in South Africa, internationally, she is recognized as a black woman. “I don’t expect to be identified as Coloured outside of Southa by anyone not comfortable doing so because I understand the weight of that word outside of SA. But to close this conversation, I’m both Coloured in South Africa and a black woman,” she added.


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