United States Holidays In October


Most holidays in the United States are derived from the history, religions and cultures of the various people in the country. In the United States, you could find different cultures, religions and backgrounds. It is thus on this basis that you may find people celebrating certain holidays per their backgrounds.

There are, however, major holidays like Independence Day, which is the 4th of July. Major holidays are celebrated with paid time off, whiles a lot of other holiday celebrations do not come with time off. The month of October is an interesting month in the U.S. It is best known for Halloween which happens on the 31st of October.


Photo Credit: Office Holidays

However, it should be noted that Halloween is not considered by businesses in the country, as it is not a major holiday. Halloween is celebrated to end the end of the Celtic year, and is characterized by Jack O’Lanterns and “trick-or-treating” by kids.

A federal holiday the United States calendar recognizes in October is Columbus Day, which falls on October 11 this year.