Uriel Expresses Excitement for Chioma Rowland and Slams Her Critics


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Reality TV star Uriel Oputa has shared her joy for Chioma Rowland, Davido’s bride-to-be, and criticized those mocking her.


This follows the release of Davido and Chioma’s pre-wedding photos as they prepare for their big day on June 25, 2024.

Uriel praised Chioma for her calm and mature demeanor, emphasizing that Chioma is not seeking attention and is very composed.

Uriel expressed confidence that those who laugh at Chioma now will be watching her in admiration on her wedding day. She even suggested that the day should be declared a public holiday to celebrate the occasion.


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Uriel also warned people trying to buy tickets for the wedding to be cautious. She highlighted the risk of being scammed by purchasing from unknown sources, mentioning that some might end up with just a Chivita drink instead of a genuine ticket.

She humorously added that at least they would get to enjoy pineapple and coconut flavors if that happened.

In summary, Uriel’s message is one of support and happiness for Chioma, coupled with a playful warning about the potential pitfalls of buying fake wedding tickets.


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