US Plastic Surgeon Charged with Killing Wife After Refusing to Call 911 During Medical Emergency


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A tragic incident has rocked Gulf Breeze, Florida, as Dr. Ben Brown faces charges linked to the death of his wife, Hillary Brown, during a surgical procedure at his clinic, Restore Plastic Surgery.


The 33-year-old Hillary underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries on November 21, including abdominal scar revision and liposuction, among others. During the operation, she experienced a sudden medical emergency.

According to reports, Hillary’s condition deteriorated rapidly after the surgery began. Despite showing signs of distress—blurry vision and twitching—Dr. Brown continued with the procedures.

Disturbingly, Hillary even administered her own medication during the operation. The situation worsened as she went into a seizure, requiring urgent medical attention.

Shockingly, Dr. Brown delayed calling 911 for up to 20 minutes despite the severity of her condition, later prompting an emergency call.


Dr Brown and wife
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Hillary, a mother of three, slipped into a coma and passed away a week later due to complications related to lidocaine toxicity. Investigations revealed a troubling lack of immediate action and proper care during the critical moments of her medical crisis.

The authorities have now charged Dr. Ben Brown with second-degree felony homicide, citing negligence in his duty of care.

This case not only raises serious questions about patient safety and medical ethics but also casts a spotlight on the responsibilities of medical professionals, especially when treating loved ones.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community and medical fraternity await answers about the events leading to this heartbreaking loss.


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